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First steps for new students

Step 1:  To enroll in a class, you must first submit an SRJC application.

                   Application for Credit Classes
                   Application for Noncredit Classes 


Step 2:  Once you have your student ID, complete the appropriate assessment to find out the best class level for you.

              Self Placement Assessment for Credit EMLS Classes
                   Placement Assessment for Noncredit EMLS Classes


Step 3:  See the class schedule on Online Schedule of Classes.


Step 4:  Register for classes in your Student Portal

                   Need help?
                           For credit EMLS classes, call SRJC, EMLS Office: (707) 527-4382
                           For noncredit EMLS classes, call SRJC Roseland (707) 527-4229 


Step 5:  Complete a Zoom or in-person orientation.

                   Orientation for Credit Students
                   Orientation for Noncredit EMLS Students


Step 6:  Meet with a counselor in person or on Zoom for an Education Plan.

                   Counseling for Credit Students
              Counseling for Noncredit Students

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